Understand your team to become a successful project manager

We probably have been managing multiple, complex and large budgeted projects since many years. Some of us would also have been managing multiple resources to convert those projects in to successful result / service / product. If you have positive response from above two queries, then you must have had experience the importance of relationship between team member and project manager.

Whether its about the IT project management or matter of a construction related project, association of project managers to their team members plays an essential role and requires genuine efforts from both end. It will eventually become the top reason behind “successful project manager” status.

Project managers must know their team members at the deepest level including their strength, weakness, behaviors, personal or corporate problems, etc. Healthy rapport between project managers and team will not only allow better control to the project managers but team members would also put their best in assigned task(s).

It is also equally necessary to keep improving that association by giving priority and importance to the team members. For instance, arranging the additional as well as double incentives for working late hours on critical task. This might charge the energy along with focus of team members.

In the end, success of any project or project manager is really depend on the contribution and quality of their team members and leadership style of project manager, who ensures that enough efforts have been made in right direction. How you handle your team members? What issues do you face while managing teams? Lets share it on comments.

Why project management?

This would be a basic question, but experts and seasonal project managers are unable to define the project management. Of course there are lot theoretic definitions available in the books, still lack in practical dimensions as well as exposure. Normally, these definitions cover only the generic part and avoid its different impacts on different areas during application.

Lets revise the standard definition provided by PMI in its PMBOK Fifth Edition

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. It is accomplished through the appropriate application and integration of the 47 logically grouped project management processes, which are categorized into five process groups (i.e. Initiating, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing).

Although the core purpose of project management is pretty much clear in above definition, insight about knowledge, skills, tools and techniques along with the clear understanding application and integration of the project management processes is still need to be discussed and learned.

It is not just about managing resources, or tracking schedule. We really need to understand the importance of project management? Why project management matters?

Thousands of the organizations across the globe have been appreciating project management. They have been getting better results irrespective to industries or type of businesses by applying project management discipline. Many of the executives believe that addition to project success, project management discipline allows them to reduce rework, control changes, improve communications between technical and functional team, increase value in marketplace, etc.

To summarize, efforts to establish effective project management environment would have lot of benefits such as greater likelihood of achieving the desired results, efficient use of resources, better management of stakeholder’s needs.