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One Minute Manager Review

The One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard

The One Minute Manager is a short book with the full of advice about effective management into an allegorical story ...
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book review shahaab nama

Shahaab Nama / شہاب نامہ by Qudratullah Shahab

Shahaab Nama was the second attempt of mine to read the Urdu book. Since I do not used to read ...
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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith

In nutshell, What Got you Here Won't Get You There tries to explain that in order to become the great ...
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GoodtoGreat by Jim Collins

Good to Great by Jim Collins

I have been reading “Business” books since last two years and found Good to Great by Jim Collins so far ...
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waqarhussain foundation book review

Foundation – The Amazing SciFi Fiction

Before Foundation, reading a fiction was dream for me and guess what, I am writing my first book review for ...
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