An importance of having a mentor

Either it is your personal or professional life, you must need a MENTOR to guide you on right and effective path to success. It will help you be a learner to learn the trails of victory from the lessons learned from your mentor and finish your route with minimum errors and in lesser time. When you get a mentor, you […]

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How standardized project management can payback?

Standardized project management

The idea to implement standardized project management practices in each area of an organization seems harder as different teams can have different approaches to done the project. But bringing consistency in few elements can deliver many benefits to the organization. Let’s discuss some of the rewards to have standardized project management. Minimum Efforts While Delegation If things are standardized and […]

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How project manager can be important in team development?

Team Development

Team development is surely a critical mechanism and role of project manager in such demanding moment is still not clear to the most practitioners. Before explaining the importance of project manager in team development process along with recommended actions, let’s review the brief background of process “Team Development”. Team development is an art in itself and Bruce Tuckman is an […]

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Most Effective Tools to Control Cost

Project management is like juggling three balls – time, cost and quality. Geoff Reiss. Do you know that cost is a most important ball in project management juggle that needs to be managed very effectively? Have an idea that it requires equal percent of attention from project manager in each phase of project management life cycle (ie Initiation to Closure)? […]

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When a Project Steering Committee is needed?

Ineffective project steering meetings consume too much time of executives, sponsors and project managers that can bring the definite impact on overall performance of project especially on Cost and Schedule. In most cases, Project Steering Committee is comprised on senior resources, who carries hefty costs with themselves for each activity. In this case, an organization should first consider whether there […]

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