Good to Great by Jim Collins

GoodtoGreat by Jim Collins

I have been reading “Business” books since last two years and found Good to Great by Jim Collins so far as a best one. It is basically the narrative/book form of his detailed research on the company’s lifecycle from good to great. If you are a business or self-help reader, you might not get something new from this book except different style of Jim Collins to express common business issues with some new phrases like level 5 leadership and etc.

Good to Great is about the five-year research of Jim Collins and his team on the life cycle of organizations those became good to great after doing something magic. That magic he explained in the book is:

To have a Level 5 Leadership by Jim Collins

A leader who puts the company over personal success and never shouts for the limelight.

To First decide the Who question and then the What Question

Before deciding where the bus is going to be heading towards, find the right people for the bus and the right seat for them.

To understand all the brutal facts about the situation and the company

Let’s sit and brainstorm the direction/strategy of the organization by considering all data available, whether good or bad.

To implement the ‘Hedgehog Concept’

headhog concept by jim collins

To have ‘The Stockdale Paradox’

No belief in your goal and keep faith on it even in the face of the grimmest contrary facts.

To implant a Culture of Discipline in the organization

Make the culture of discipline so you can work very hard to achieve goals without disturbing with obstacles.

‘The Flywheel’

fly wheel by jim collins

I really do not know Jim Collins as a person or never studied as personality over the internet, so could not guess his command over the management and leadership. But after reading Good to Great, first thing comes in my mind about Jim that he knows the art of writing and keep engaging a curious reader like me.

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