The One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. Blanchard

One Minute Manager Review

The One Minute Manager is a short book with the full of advice about effective management into an allegorical story. This book teaches that how to increase the productivity, profits, job satisfaction, and personal prosperity. Found this book is an easily read story which quickly shows you three very practical management techniques.

Summary of the One Minute Manager

  • Manager Types
    • Autocratic
      • Tough, Interested in results, Profit minded, Organization wins while people lose
    • Democratic
      • Nice, Interested in people, People win while organization loses
    • One minute goal setting
      • Agree on your goals
      • What good behavior looks like?
      • Write goal on paper within 250 words
      • Read and reread each goal
      • Review your performance in one minute daily
      • Check if your behavior matches your goals?
    • One minute praising
      • Let people know that you going to tell them how it is going to be done.
      • Praise immediately
      • Be specific to mention what people did right
      • Tell people that how good you feel and how it is helpful for you or organization
      • Encourage for more
    • One minute reprimand
      • Reprimand immediately
      • Tell people what they did wrong – be specific
      • Tell people how you feel about what they did wrong – and in no uncertain terms
      • Shake hands, or touch them in a way that lets them know you are honestly on their side
      • Remind them how much you value them
      • Reaffirm that you think well of them but not of their performance in this situation
      • Realize that when the reprimand is over, it’s over.

The One Minute Manager is a nice read and very light. Author has made it a helpful book with good times on effective management. Want to read reviews of other exciting books? You can visit here. You can also follow me on GoodReads!

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