When a Project Steering Committee is needed?

Ineffective project steering meetings consume too much time of executives, sponsors and project managers that can bring the definite impact on overall performance of project especially on Cost and Schedule. In most cases, Project Steering Committee is comprised on senior resources, who carries hefty costs with themselves for each activity.

In this case, an organization should first consider whether there is any need for a Project Steering Committee or it can be derived for specific kind of projects only. There would be a different ways to find this requirement and each one can be accurate depending upon organization’s needs. Following could be the best three dimensions to identify and finalize the need of establishing a Project Steering Committee.

Large Projects

Project can be larger in terms of cost and duration but Project Steering Committee is required if deliverable of this project is expected to be bigger than routine values of the organization. For instance, introducing a new approach for manufacturing the goods will require a formal group of people for taking such critical decisions.

Complex Projects

Irrespective to size, only projects having complex logic can demand the proper Steering Committee. Such as implementation an ERP system in an organization, which have complex relationships between different functional areas and can convey influence of one activity on multiple areas of the organization.

Level of Risks

If risks associated with the project are higher than normal and needs special attention in management than Board will defiantly be required to take judgments on time. Projects like maintaining an old highway of a city like New York might entails project manager to prepare an approved alternative actions for each risks.

All or any above element is in favor of devising a Project Steering Committee. If none or two of the factor from above dimensions are not included in a project, organization’s normal processes of project management should be sufficient enough to handle the situation.

That was all about deciding the formation of Project Steering Committee in a project. How it would be effective is a separate science and necessities dedicated skills of management, which will be covering in future series of articles. Looking forward your participation in comments or you can drop email at waqar@waqarhussain.net.

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