How standardized project management can payback?

Standardized project management

The idea to implement standardized project management practices in each area of an organization seems harder as different teams can have different approaches to done the project. But bringing consistency in few elements can deliver many benefits to the organization.

Let’s discuss some of the rewards to have standardized project management.

Minimum Efforts While Delegation

If things are standardized and everyone is on the same page then It becomes easier to delegate some routine tasks to your subordinates or another member of the project team. Tasks like status reporting, schedule updates and formalizing meeting minutes can be shared and Project Manager can focus on other priority tasks like planning or expectation settings.

Quick Transfer of Knowledge

Project Manager has to handover deliverable of his / her project to another team along with all possible knowledge and information and if the material is recorded in standard templates then it will make life easier for both Project Manager and members of another team. Deliverable such as Lesson Learned, Issues, and Error Lists, Checklists can be documented in standard templates.

Improvised Experience

Other than Project Manager in a single project everyone has limited experiences specific to their domain, but Project Managers need to maintain multiple and different experiences. For instance, experiences related to Customer, Project Team or Senior Management required being managed by Project Manager where others care for their specific dimension.

Standardization will bring consistency for Customer, Project Team and Senior Management for every possible dimension.

Here was a quick review on possible benefits to having of Standardized project management practices. We love to hear your opinions about the benefits of standardization or you can share your experiences in the comments area.

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