Good to Great by Jim Collins

GoodtoGreat by Jim Collins

I have been reading “Business” books since last two years and found Good to Great by Jim Collins so far as a best one. It is basically the narrative/book form of his detailed research on the company’s lifecycle from good to great. If you are a business or self-help reader, you might not get something new from this book except […]

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Foundation – The Amazing SciFi Fiction

waqarhussain foundation book review

Before Foundation, reading a fiction was dream for me and guess what, I am writing my first book review for the book that might be a best of SciFi Fiction in entire world. Honestly, I am not a fan of fiction reading and I never engaged myself more than a hour with any fiction book. Fortunately, I have been indulged […]

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Why to Learn Time Management?

time management

Before justifying the requirement of learning Time Management art, would like to explain why time management has become essential for everyone to learn and adapt. If you are growing high in your career, you will see a huge difference between things to do and available time. For instance, you would have to complete 5 tasks which usually require 12 hours […]

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How standardized project management can payback?

Standardized project management

The idea to implement standardized project management practices in each area of an organization seems harder as different teams can have different approaches to done the project. But bringing consistency in few elements can deliver many benefits to the organization. Let’s discuss some of the rewards to have standardized project management. Minimum Efforts While Delegation If things are standardized and […]

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How project manager can be important in team development?

Team Development

Team development is surely a critical mechanism and role of project manager in such demanding moment is still not clear to the most practitioners. Before explaining the importance of project manager in team development process along with recommended actions, let’s review the brief background of process “Team Development”. Team development is an art in itself and Bruce Tuckman is an […]

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